HP’s Enrique Lores- Staying ‘Differentiated’ From Xerox Amid Printer Partnership

This month, Xerox announced an agreement that will see Xerox sourcing certain A4 devices and printer industry rivals HP Inc. as well as entry-level A3 devices from HP.

Enrique Lores, president of Printing and imaging at HP Inc., spoke with CRN about the HP-Xerox partnership and how it fits into his company’s push for growth in the challenging printer market.

In the market, the personalities of the two groups are going to stay fairly differentiated. The engines will be public. But all the software tools, the front panel, everything that clients will be interrelatingwith are going to be different, Lores said. So I don’t think it’s going to make the situation less or more competitive for our partners, because the differentiation between the two groups is going to stay fairly high. For many years, the grouping of these three factors has enabled us to have a significantly higher market share than any of our participants.

What follows is an edited portion of CRN’s interview with Lores.

Given that Xerox is also a contestant, how much did HP have to careful on whether to expand the relationship with Xerox?

For us, it was a very important decision. But I think it’s important to appreciate that when we think about the print market, this is a market where these types of associations have existed for a long time. We have actually been working with Xerox, through the previous Samsung Organization, for a significant time. The print market is a market that is not going to be growing significantly, which really means that all of us have to look for openings to combine our assets in a more efficient way. And this deal is really putting on the table. It allows us to sell Xerox a big part of our portfolio and enables them to integrate it into their offering.

What are the major areas of differentiation in HP printers that you would want to high point?

First is all the work that we are doing around security. Security is one of the key issues that any IT department faces, and HP printers are the most secure printers in the world. We have been giving this message for three years now. We have seen that it has been very impactful, because it addresses one of the main key points that businesses have today. We’re both building how the printers are managed and also security in the printer. We really differentiate our groups and to gain a lot of momentum.

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